Envision the Cape

Can we create a more inclusive future at Cape Roger?

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Maybe we can't rewrite the first chapter,
But we can choose how the story continues
Envision the Cape
Can we create a more inclusive future at Cape Roger Curtis together?
What is 'Envision the Cape'?

Where there is curiousity and honesty, there is a chance for positive change. At Cape Roger Curtis a shift in generations and investors opens an opportunity to overcome our history and reconnect with aspirations for a balanced community at the Cape that islanders can believe in.

There is no rezoning plan at the moment. We want to learn about your perspective. What would you think about ideas to:

  • preserve 50% of the remaining lands as permanent habitat
  • provide a community where people can live a rewarding life until the end of their days
  • establish affordable rental homes and diverse housing options in one of the most beautiful places on the island
  • welcome people seeking rejuvenation to a spiritual and wellness retreat

Our first goal is to ask how you would like to be consulted. We are contacting previous opponents to seek commonalities. We are bringing small groups to the land to discuss what is still there and what could become public park. We’ll be adding questions, articles, comments we’ve received here or heard offline or on Facebook – and continuing for a couple of years or so. Please let us know how this makes you feel and what you would like to see happen in future at the Cape. Use the comment form below to say whatever is on your mind.

We want to overcome mistakes that The Cape on Bowen has made and build connections to people who were disappointed with decisions in the past that changed the Cape in ways they didn’t want. We seek changes not just in rezoning, but in our understanding of one another. We know it will take time. And it will take  generosity of spirit. We trust there is an abundance of that on Bowen Island.

An arbutus tree sticks out of the forest over a rocky shore and deep blue ocean.

Lots 20-22 Update

I’d like to update everyone regarding lots 20 to 22. As you may know, the Bowen Island Conservancy approached us a while back to say that

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Interim Results of Surveys

We have created PDF versions of the Land Use Survey Interim Results (as of Nov 29th) and the Conceptual Sketch Survey Interim Results (to Nov 29).

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Bowfest survey results

At Bowfest this year we had a table with information about the Cape, a conceptual sketch of one option for developing four coastal lots contributed by

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Hoping for Harmony

There have been a lot of strong opinions expressed over the years. One fear is that any rezoning process at the Cape might cause divisions in

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Meet Candy Ho

Candy Ho is creating the outreach for The Cape on Bowen to improve relationships and invite participation in a new vision for the Cape. She speaks

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Our first survey ‘How should we consult?‘ has been moved to its own page. You can also read the survey results.