Envision the Cape

Can we create a more inclusive future at Cape Roger?

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Maybe we can't rewrite the first chapter,
But we can choose how the story continues
Envision the Cape
Can we create a more inclusive future at Cape Roger Curtis together?

Shelving the draft plan

Over many months we’ve been consulting islanders on their hopes & fears for the future at Cape Roger. We are united in wanting to see as little development there as possible, and to protect the coast and forests. No consensus emerged on how to achieve this.

This and the recent Ethelo survey indicate that not enough people support the draft plan to pursue it. We’ll share the report when it’s done. It can help us learn how we think as a community, and how to cultivate new ideas in a positive spirit.

Understanding the stress it would cause everyone if we applied for a rezoning, we’ll retire the draft plan and leave the current zoning in place.

My aspiration now is to find a way to preserve as much of the remaining coastline as possible. We’ll sketch out some ideas in future – and welcome help.

I want to thank everyone who participated in our surveys, meetings & walkabouts in these challenging times. I give special thanks to the Modus team and other dedicated professionals who did their best to find a viable alternative, to the owners for their support and flexibility, and to our advisory group of community members who weighed, in detail, the paradoxes we face as an island.

In service,

Candy Ho

Video: aerial footage of the section of southern coastline that would have become public parks, conservancies and a small eco-spiritual retreat. We are trying to find an eco-buyer or willing new investors to preserve as much of the remaining coast as possible.

The footage starts at the eastern end, travels over several lots that are still in the study area, and continues over the coast encompassed by the new conservancy being created by Bowen Island Conservancy and their generous donor.

A rounded hill still covered in mature forest, with roads on two sides

Read the report describing the results of the Ethelo survey held in February 2021.

Play around with the Ethelo survey – results will not change but you can navigate the pages and try the controls.

A powerful, inspiring poem by Ben Weaver

The Earth is deeper than they are tall.

Two birds flew out from a cloud,
I looked up as they went overhead
feeling a tug between their bodies and mind
a triangle formed between us,
my heart the centre point.
Hope is a form of poverty,
a thief of the present moment
creating debt by nurturing dissatisfaction,
promising something or someone or sometime
other than this, us and now.
As the two birds
flew into the distance
the strings between our bodies
stretched out like a slingshot.
I could no longer see them when it happened
but when the birds let go,
my eyes turned into the bottoms
of stones and I awoke
in the centre of a glacier.

History depends on forms of repetition
repeating themselves and
the present moment
offers endless opportunity to
reorganize and disrupt that repetition.
This is what the wind does with seeds,
the fox with their tracks
and the ocean with its rolling white teeth.
Eventually the glacier began to melt
and as my eyes softened a story emerged
that went something like this.
Collectively we overthrew
the cultural hierarchy
that had embedded our lives
in the destructive patterns and beliefs
that insisted on putting an addiction
for convenience and comfort
over the needs of rivers and butterflies,
viewing Mississippi and Walleye
as resources rather than relatives,
and asserting the word of adults was somehow
superior to the laughter of children.
Soon I was engulfed in cold singing water,
pools of it ran in the hollows of my shoulder,
all that remained of the glacier.
I could smell an ending,
like rain seeding the horizon,
but from here it didn’t go
how you’d think it might go.
Endings are a linear construct
and this story is a spiral.
Two runaway horses
came up out of the river
and my breath filled with giant wings,
I could blow holes in the rain
and the rain also blew inside of me,
it washed out the poverty and sorrow
that had accumulated from so much hope.
I was not the only one that this happened to,
it was happening to all of us,
We built fires in the shadow spaces where ice had
called back by roses,
we planted trees into the uncertainty and loss,
we healed through our capacity to cooperate.
As we unbound ourselves from hope
our wills became feral and regrew tails,
The two birds turned around
and flew back and forth crossing in the sky
above where the horses stood,
their hooves dripping
the edge of the river
back into the river.
Though this is as far into the spiral as I am able to
the inherent wisdom of the surrounding land
stands strongly in their truth
and will speak, as much as one is willing to listen.
When I have placed my ear to their heart, I have
heard them say,
“Lead with curiosity, the stories support the systems
and in turn the systems support the stories,
be aware which system and which story you support.
It is a trick of capitalism to shift shape
because its extractive nature
is happy to appear as a different form of energy
enabling itself to remain in control
managing the pace and direction of change
ensuring that anything actually changes,
if in doubt return to your breath
it serves as a constant reminder of cooperation
if you give too much you die
if you take too much you die,
endings are a linear construct,
this story is a spiral.”