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A 32-acre public park on the southern waterfront!

by in News October 26, 2020

With a heart bursting of joy and gratitude, I announce that the Conservancy and the Cape on Bowen are bringing forward to the public a forever legacy: a 32-acre southern waterfront park on some of the most stunning lands at the Cape. Please enjoy the photos, all taken on these lands!

This is a historical momentous milestone that involved many parties.

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank the donors for their generosity of $8.8 million for this acquisition, as well as the Conservancy Board, the professionals – and for me especially, Owen Plowman, President of the Conservancy, whom I’ve had the pleasure and honor of coming to know and appreciate over the last year as a professional man with heart and sincerity.

This achievement is nothing short of a miracle of healing and reconciliation, divine order and divine timing. It would not have been possible without commitment, surrender, presence, steadiness, integration, communication, sincere connection, respect, compromise, transparency and integrity.

It is a story of two historically “misaligned” organizations coming together to serve the highest and best interests of all people.

We met in the perfect middle. The Conservancy’s appraisal for the three lots is $7.22 million. 2020 BC Assessment is $10.33 million, and Colliers July 2020 Appraisal is $10.6 million, and our initial counter simply to demonstrate goodwill was the median between those two.

I only share these “numbers” because there is actually great inspiration that arises from looking at how this fell into place. Ultimately the agreement happened because both parties recognized this unprecedented opportunity, and the forever value that this legacy would give to all of humanity.

The “market value” from our respective appraisers only served as reference points. In the end, to accomplish this kind of miracle, we set that aside. Without the donors, and without mutual compromise, this would not have been possible.

This is the result of heart-centred good faith, which means the world to me. I cannot adequately express the depth of my gratitude for everyone involved.

Many have been very curious to know what degree of public access there will be. This was of fundamental importance to the Cape on Bowen as well, so I’m pleased to share that “The Conservancy seeks to establish a waterfront park at Cape Roger Curtis, both for conservation purposes, and for the enjoyment of residents and visitors to the island. We have no intention of creating a conservation area similar to the provincial government’s Ecological Reserves, which are severely restricted, with little public access. Apart from certain locations (for example, on the coastal bluffs) where there are rare species of vegetation that need to be protected, the public will be free to enjoy the beauty of the lands. And in the areas that need protection, we plan to find ways to enable public access while limiting human impact.”

We look forward to generations upon generations enjoying and honoring the spirit and beauty of these lands.

Love conquers all. Love creates miracles.

This milestone opens the gates for further, greater legacies.

In service and in gratitude,
Candy Ho
Chief Executive Officer, The Cape on Bowen
M: 604.614.6189

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