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Bowfest survey results

by in Uncategorized September 2, 2019

At Bowfest this year we had a table with information about the Cape, a conceptual sketch of one option for developing four coastal lots contributed by Frits de Vries, and a couple of surveys. The questionnaires were intended to help garner input about the idea of re-imagining the Cape and the drawing by Frits.

We’ve posted the tallied results of the surveys on this website for you to check out. Thirty-one people filled out the general survey, and twenty-eight people answered the survey about the de Vries concept.

Bowfest Land Use Survey Results (PDF)
Bowfest Conceptual Sketch Survey Results (PDF)

The sample size was too small to draw any big conclusions, but it helped us refine the survey for broader distribution. Because the wording of some questions was changed, we’ll keep the Bowfest survey results separate from the new ones. There were some interesting trends among the people who did respond. For one thing, quite a few people have asked for their names and comments to remain confidential. We hope in future people will consider remaining anonymous if they wish, but allow their comments to appear – whether positive, negative or on the fence; it helps other people see the range of thought and consider their own opinions.

The new version of the two surveys are available now for you to fill out, and to share with friends. The wider the group who responds, the more representative we hope it will be.

Survey: What would you like – or not like – to see at the Cape?
Survey: Conceptual Coast Sketch