Creating a community

Places to live for all ages; a small community hub; places for learning and growing.

If one can consider the idea of development to fund public preservation, the balancing act is the amount of development versus the amount of preservation. Another is the balance of high-end vs. more affordable multifamily homes. This plan proposes a diversity of housing to include people from a wider range of incomes and ages.

This slideshow shows the varied types of housing and amenities considered in the draft plan. From multifamily and affordable rental housing, through a community hub with a possible small café, meeting places, space for a school and elder living residences, the development footprint is about  43% of the original 322-acre site. Only a portion of private land would be cleared.

This plan would entail 300 units of mixed housing plus 130 units of aging-in-place units at full build out over 15 to 20 years. This would likely host a population by that time of around 750-850 people. The type and proportion of possible uses is described in the slideshow.

Click on the first slide, and then use your cursor to move from slide to slide. In the slideshow you can click the full screen button for the best viewing experience. Or you can select from any of the slides below. This is Part Two – in Part One we show how the development areas and preserved areas were selected.

1.Can we create a large park at Cape Roger? Images shows how and where areas might be preserved.

2.What kind of community might you like to see at Cape Roger? Images show how it could fit together.

3.Presentation with full text and more details from community planners MODUS.