A Draft Plan to Discuss

The linked slideshows below use maps to tell the story of how sites were selected for the various requested uses, and how they fit together.

We continue to seek your input in person, online, through surveys and other media to find out if our interpretation of the public interest and balance with the site contraints can provide a change of direction at the Cape that Bowen Islanders can feel good about.

Following more than a year of conversations in the community, the Cape on Bowen Community Development Ltd. has produced a preliminary site plan and design exploration for the remaining 32 10-acre lots at Cape Roger Curtis.

The research and design was led by planning firm MODUS. The physical inventory and analysis for the draft plan is based on detailed topographic data (including aerial photography and digital terrain modeling) and site investigations.

The data was compiled by a team of consulting professionals (including registered professional biologists and foresters, civil engineers and planners) and local involved citizens.

The engineers say there is more than enough water  for this draft plan which would not come from Tunstall Bay or surface water. We have commissioned ongoing water research, as well as a transportation report, both of which we will share.

Video: aerial footage of the section of southern coastline that could become public parks, conservancies and a small eco-spiritual retreat.The footage starts at the eastern end, travels over several lots that are still in the study area, and continues over the coast encompassed by the new conservancy being created by Bowen Island Conservancy.

1.Can we create a large park at Cape Roger? Images shows how and where areas might be preserved.

2.What kind of community might you like to see at Cape Roger? Images show how it could fit together.

3.Presentation with full text and more details from community planners MODUS.