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Ethelo survey under way

by in News, Surveys February 7, 2021

We’ve been trying to come up with a better option for the Cape than the existing 10-acre executive estates. We have a draft plan, which you can find out about on this website. Now we are inviting people to participate in an Ethelo survey to let us know if Bowen Islanders would like us to take this plan with some adjustments to Council as an application for rezoning.

You don’t have to register to complete the form. If you do though, you can go in to change your survey content later. Here is the link:

An Ethelo survey is different from a regular one, in that it can combine information about different aspects of a decision, including how relatively important you feel each aspect is, then sort out which option satisfies the most people with the least polarity. We opened the survey Friday, and hope you will participate.

If we don’t find that a clear majority – around 70% – feel the plan is worth bringing to Council, we will accept that and suspend planning. We will continue to look for alternatives, but at the moment there is no third guaranteed option. If rezoning is not an option we will try to foster an eco purchase and/or government incentives to make some or all of the remaining coast public.  The two options we are currently asking people to weigh in on are
a) the draft plan, and
b) the exisiting 10-acre lot zoning.

Ethelo will help us not only determine what people consider most important and which option they would most support, it will also give us an idea of whether moving forward would polarize the community, which we don’t want to do. 

I hope you’ll take a look and help us decide. The future is in your hands.