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Lots 20-22 Update

by in About the project, Environment, News May 18, 2020

I’d like to update everyone regarding lots 20 to 22. As you may know, the Bowen Island Conservancy approached us a while back to say that a private donor wished to purchase these three 10-acre lots to create a public park on the Cape Roger coast.

We listened to the public’s enthusiastic response to the idea, and of course recognize the value of a publicly accessible scenic park. With support from the Cape on Bowen’s shareholders, I reached out to the Conservancy on February 24th to officially invite an offer.

On March 4th, the Cape on Bowen and the Conservancy agreed to begin the formal process. At that time the Conservancy estimated they’d be able to get back to us in about a month, after first meeting again with the donor family to gain a clear understanding of their desires, and then working with their legal team.

During the second week of April, I reconnected with Owen Plowman, Conservancy President, to check in. At that time he said that they were still progressing, though they were about two weeks behind. It’s now a month later, and as it happens we’re still waiting to receive the written offer or to hear anything further.

While we don’t control the timelines, we do want this idea to succeed. There are still details and mechanisms yet to be worked out, but we have already changed our planning substantively to accommodate a positive outcome.
I feel hopeful that in working with the Conservancy, the Cape on Bowen can deliver in perpetuity a significant park legacy that we can all be proud of.

Warmly and respectfully,

CEO, The Cape on Bowen Community Development