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Meet Candy Ho

by in About the project, Healing May 10, 2019

Candy Ho is creating the outreach for The Cape on Bowen to improve relationships and invite participation in a new vision for the Cape. She speaks about her own story and her aspirations for healing and learning.

Candy Ho is executive officer of The Cape on Bowen Ltd., as well as Vice President of Element Lifestyle Retirement. She has been involved in operations at the Cape for over 14 years. Though she is not a voting member of the board of investors, she manages day to day operations on their behalf and is a strong voice for a new approach to the future of the Cape.

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Kelly Schwenning
Kelly Schwenning
2 years ago

I live on and love my Bowen community
Having said that I’m also very clear on what should be a clearer path of development on Bowen.
As a career I’m in infrastructure and gold mine development across the globe, I’d welcome the opportunity to discuss and help with this.
I have noticed that many the questionnaire that were left for public feedback seem to disappear, I’m not sure that you’re reaching your audience.

Candy Ho
1 year ago

Hi Kelly, thank you for letting me know about your expertise, and offering the opportunity to discuss and help with this. We are using Webster Engineer for infrastructure input into the planning process, and I have consulted with Bowen Island Municipality and VCH about water supply, treatment and distribution. I would be happy to share with you if you would like a zoom meeting or a phone call. I realize that the questionnaires I had left at Artisan Eats and Snug Cove disappeared as well. I placed them back a couple of times, but I believe it is because there… Read more »

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