Can we create a coastal park?

Should we create covenants, public parks & conservancies on Cape Roger Curtis?

Maps tell the story of how the planners selected the areas for development to and areas for parks, preserves and covenanted areas could preserve about 237 acres of coast and forest at the Cape.

The parks would be funded by housing on in the flattest areas in the interior of the area, with park along the full coast. Parks and conservancies would also surround Burke Creek and Huszar Creek.

Do you think this will be a better or worse approach to landscape level preservation than than private ownership in 10 acre parcels? Please express your thoughts and feelings.


Of the original study area for this project, three lots (32 acres) on the western coast were purchased by the Bowen Island Conservancy with support from an anonymous patron – a wonderful outcome for everyone.
This draft plan would extend public stewardship to an additional 164 acres, 52% of the remaining area. Including covenanted private land where building would not be allowed, about two thirds of the land would have protection.

Click on the first slide, and then use your cursor to move from slide to slide. Or you can select from any of the slides below. This is part one. In Part Two, find out about the planning for buildings, roads and other elements.

1.Can we create a large park at Cape Roger? Images shows how and where areas might be preserved.

2.What kind of community might you like to see at Cape Roger? Images show how it could fit together.

3.Presentation with full text and more details from community planners MODUS.