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Survey: Conceptual coast land sketch

by in Surveys September 3, 2019
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Among other things, any rezoning must balance the scale and number of housing units with tangible benefits to the community. Architect Frits de Vries has sketched one approach on his own initiative to help the community visualize an option that features large areas of public land. (Please refer to the drawing above.) This 16-hectare portion comprises lots 20-23 on the south coast. It isn’t a formal proposal to the community, but well worth talking about. As yet, we don’t know what will be truly feasible - or acceptable to the community - so please remember that these are ideas, not promises. We need to know what things you value most and priorize those to avoid disappointing people. We give great thanks for Frits’ work and insights.

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Very UndesirableNot desirableNeutralDesirableVery Desirable
1. In general, would you like the idea of a development in this area if it provided public access to the coast?
2. Does this rough design create a good balance between housing and new public land?
Very undesirableNot desirableNeutralDesirableVery Desirable
Small homes on less than 1/4 acre lots
Row houses
Stacked townhouses (two storey units stacked on top of each other = 4 floors)

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