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Survey: What would you like – or not like – to see at the Cape?

by in Surveys September 4, 2019
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Is there a better way for over 300 acres at Cape Roger Curtis to serve Bowen Islanders? If so, what would that look like for you? There is no rezoning plan yet, so this is the time of greatest flexibility for influencing a new approach. We welcome your input - as much or as little as you like. Thanks!

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Not importantSomewhat UnimportantNeutralImportantVery important
2. How important is Question 1 to you?
3. How important is public access to the coast at the Cape?
4. How important is natural habitat preservation at the Cape?
Very undesirableNot desirableNeutralDesirableVery desirable
Affordable rental housing
Attainable home ownership
Pathways or other infrastructure for electric co-op vehicles and bikes
Southern coast waterfront trail
Waterfront park
Contiguous inland trail network
Wildlife corridor(s)
Community garden(s)
Children’s playground
Sports field
Large scale forest protection / conservation
Wildlife habitat enhancement (for example, stormwater retention ponds)
It may be possible to include some of these in a rezoning proposal, depending on the level of support for each.

Programs and Buildings

The following ideas would require initiative from others such as schools, small business owners, etc.

Very undesirableNot desirableNeutralDesirableVery Desirable
Commons with open area for gatherings, arts/culture, boutiques and / or café with patio. Scale similar to Artisan Square
Secondary school to the end of grade 12
Equestrian stable and trails
Ecological education program / interpretive trails
Adventure programming (example: zip line, salt-water pool, summer diving platform)
Aging in place - independent and supportive living; 24/7 licenced care
Mindfulness residence and/or retreat: yoga, meditation, complementary healing modalities

A diverse community takes many years to develop gradually. Looking at the long term, what forms of housing would you imagine being most appropriate and beneficial to Bowen Island?

For ownershipFor rental
Clustered, detached row homes
Stacked townhouses (two storey units stacked on top of each other)
Low rise condominiums (up to 4 storeys)
Mid rise condominiums with several indoor and outdoor common areas for gatherings (4 to 8 storeys)
For ownershipFor rental
less than 1/4 acre
1/4 acre
1/2 acre
1 acre
1+ acre with 1-bedroom accessory suite or rental house

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