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Remark 155

by in Rezoning September 23, 2020

“It is a truly special place and I will do all I can to honor it and even deepen and strengthen its spiritual vibrations. First step is to heal the wounds. I know I cannot win everyone’s trust, and all I can do is be authentic, come from a heart-centred place of love and compassion.” (Candy Ho, COB)

Remark 164

by in Rezoning September 23, 2020

“The Cape never met its highest use, and there is no large oceanfront park on the island. It’s worth having a conversation about it, even if it is not ultimately approved by islanders. Many things have changed – the needs of islanders, the values of land which keep going higher out of reach – the impacts of climate change. We may not have the answers but we should try again.”

Remark 227

by in Trust September 23, 2020

If you don’t trust the current owners, this may be a way to get owners you do trust, because they will have no choice but to support zoning that appeals to islanders, and they want to sell.

Remark 112

by in Nature September 23, 2020

“What a wonderful relief that you are open to selling the land that the local philanthropists are so generously wishing to buy as an unfettered gift for the community. Great news.”

Remark 7

by in Consultation September 23, 2020

“They’re not collaborative. You don’t just go away and two years later come and say that’s what it is. No surprises.”

“It’s impossible to have an opinion without knowing what’s on the table. How much density? What lands?”

[The draft plan is intended to give people something specific to react to, so it can be improved. (COB)]

Remark 246

by in Water September 23, 2020

“I think that whatever development takes place must have a mandatory system of rainwater capture and storage to be used for everything which would include drinking, garden irrigation, swimming pools/hot tubs etc. The covenants on the Cape in existence are excellent and I believe that this addition would be invaluable for present and future generations.”

Remark 248

by in Water September 23, 2020

“If I understand correctly there are 59 deep water wells in the Cape. I think connecting a few of those wells in the Cape that border Tunstall would go a long way to mitigating the concerns of the Tunstall residents by doubling their supply and also help the Cape in terms of fire prevention. A win win for everyone.”

Remark 76

by in Growth September 23, 2020

“…absorption will not be fast. Too many units will simply end up sitting there, creating cost without revenue for an investor. Lose for investor, lose for the island. Not what we want.” (Candy Ho, COB)

Remark 201

by in Trust September 23, 2020

The COB wants to act with openness and transparency. Involvement of the community in vetting the draft plan gives the opportunity to challenge and disprove anything that rings false. (COB)

Remark 206

by in Trust September 23, 2020

“I want to register my support and hope for everything you [Candy Ho] have expressed here [in a Facebook thread]. Thank you for your transparency and willingness to create something that we can all benefit from. I look forward to discussing this further.”