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Remark 248

by in Water September 23, 2020

“If I understand correctly there are 59 deep water wells in the Cape. I think connecting a few of those wells in the Cape that border Tunstall would go a long way to mitigating the concerns of the Tunstall residents by doubling their supply and also help the Cape in terms of fire prevention. A win win for everyone.”

Remark 76

by in Growth September 23, 2020

“…absorption will not be fast. Too many units will simply end up sitting there, creating cost without revenue for an investor. Lose for investor, lose for the island. Not what we want.” (Candy Ho, COB)

Remark 239

by in Trust September 23, 2020

“I hope you are still considering the seniors housing. Thank you for reaching out to the community. I believe your good faith in a communal approach to development is sincere!”

Remark 200

by in Trust September 23, 2020

“I really appreciate the hard work you’re putting into the plan for the Cape and the extent to which you are trying to engage the community. The vision for the Cape that you presented at Bowfest [2019] was wonderful and it would benefit many Boweners, specifically seniors and those looking at alternate housing options, all while maintaining the natural beauty of the area.”

Remark 136

by in Nature September 23, 2020

“I love the Cape, it is my favorite location to go for a walk, take pictures and bring my daughter to play in the Tide Pools. I am thankful for the trail and the part that remains there for the public to enjoy.”

Remark 174

by in Rezoning September 23, 2020

“I am inspired by Islands of the Future documentary on Netflix. I invite people to please take an evening to watch. It is fascinating and eye opening. And by the way, I have met an amazing man on Bowen who was instrumental in making El Hierro happen… it isn’t easy, but I want to see if we can do things differently, think differently, and become a showcase of how to overcome challenges, not just at The Cape but the island.” (Candy Ho, COB)

Remark 244

by in Water September 23, 2020

“Maybe we would be able to create a new community water system, with some of the existing wells being supplemental and possibly able to help out neighbouring areas. I really don’t want to shoot out wild assumptions or “hopes” without knowing capacity and implications. I will leave that work to the engineers. Please be assured though, water and traffic/transportation are two top foci in our planning exercise as they are integrally connected with density, of course!” (Candy Ho, COB)

Remark 245

by in Water September 23, 2020

“Each new structure should have a rooftop rain harvesting system and cistern built into the foundation as seen here to reduce the need for municipal groundwater use. https://youtu.be/YzbUw_Ia258”

Remark 161

by in Rezoning September 23, 2020

“The unfortunate reality of the property’s current fate vis a vis preservation areas suggests that it can only be improved upon. If the opportunity to do so arises, it’s surely worth exploring.”

Remark 170

by in Rezoning September 23, 2020

“…the outcome was in some ways the least desirable one, largely because there would undoubtedly be subsequent ‘kicks at the can’ to reopen the zoning. Obviously, a preplanned development is much easier to manage than amendments after the fact.”