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Remark 26

by in Docks September 24, 2020

“As I understand it, at least three of the docks are owned by Cape on Bowen owners – one of them [Candy’s] father. So what on Earth do you mean when you say that you cannot ask the owners to take them down? If they want to talk about a real change of approach to CRC, then tell them that removing their own docks would be a good start to demonstrating their goodwill.”

We need to focus on the plan itself, what we are coming forward with for the future. I acknowledge the history, but am not powerful enough to force anyone to take away their docks. I am not that influential with my own father, nor with my family. I’m just doing my best to do right by the community with what is remaining of the lands. (Candy Ho, COB)

Remark 203

by in Trust September 24, 2020

None of the owners live on the island, so they are out of touch with islanders.

I am on the island very often and have spoken to many people at length. I am not the owner but they entrust me to take this forward with my understanding and my approach. (Candy Ho, COB)

Remark 201

by in Trust September 23, 2020

The COB wants to act with openness and transparency. Involvement of the community in vetting the draft plan gives the opportunity to challenge and disprove anything that rings false. (COB)

Remark 206

by in Trust September 23, 2020

“I want to register my support and hope for everything you [Candy Ho] have expressed here [in a Facebook thread]. Thank you for your transparency and willingness to create something that we can all benefit from. I look forward to discussing this further.”

Remark 20

by in Docks September 23, 2020

“The best way to be taken seriously would be to let the dock licenses expire and remove as many as possible. It’s hard to trust or want to help the owners with these making it feel like they’ve privatized the beach.”

Remark 207

by in Trust September 23, 2020

“If they’re not willing to make a significant “peace offering” without any conditions or strings … something of real value to the community, something irrevocable and immediate (not a promise for the future) … the best physical outcome in my estimation is status quo. They’ve already destroyed the best part of the Cape.”

Remark 22

by in Docks September 23, 2020

[Note: the docks at Cape Roger Curtis are not within the study area and not subject to a rezoning. They are relevant to the relationships of the owners with community members.(COB)]

Remark 212

by in Trust September 23, 2020

“Another ‘token’ of goodwill could be to repair Whitesails and part of Tunstall Blvd roads that have been used so extensively to develop The Cape and are deteriorating and currently the Muni has no plans to pave… (this would also benefit Cape owners as they drive down it too.)”

Remark 205

by in Trust September 23, 2020

If people want to build trust, they have to get to know each other. That may mean getting out of their comfort zones, but ultimately could be rewarding and at least shows willingness to bridge divides – a particular need in these polarized times.

Remark 209

by in Trust September 23, 2020

CEO Candy Ho has been canvassing the community for over a year, COB makes donations to local causes, the owners are participating in the sale of three lots because they understand how much it means to islanders. It is not a sacrifice, but it does make a positive rezoning plan financially more risky. (COB)

Remark 211

by in Trust September 23, 2020

“They have said a lot of words, but no concrete expression to show they really understand how deeply they alienated some people. The CEO is positive, but she is not an owner and the owners are not available to islanders.”