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Remark 13

by in Consultation September 24, 2020

“With every successful business on Bowen – the owner is there all the time. You see them, you know them, you trust them, they serve you.”

“I am there as often as possible, but I don’t live there because of personal realities/constraints. But I am certainly here to serve the community.” (Candy Ho, COB)

Remark 9

by in Consultation September 24, 2020

[The proponents] “need to be here. They have to have a presence.”

“I have been here, but in a low key, discrete way. Not walking in to a room and waving to everyone to say, ‘Hey I’m Candy, come talk!’ so some people don’t know I’ve been there.” (Candy Ho, COB)

Remark 11

by in Consultation September 24, 2020

[You should] “do the same thing John Reid did. Public input, open to everybody, and you come back and say this is what we’ve learned from you.”

Yes, that’s what we have done: listen, then draft a plan, and come forward to comments for refinement. The draft plan intentionally does not have details of form and character such as streetscape, architectural style etc. We leave that open to collaboration with the community. (Candy Ho, COB)

Remark 176

by in Rezoning September 24, 2020

“I don’t trust the process … they’ll get their rezoning, sell, and we won’t be able to hold the new owner to the deal.”

The new owner will be held to developing the uses granted by the rezoning, and nothing else. But we can’t hold the owner to the timing of developing those uses. (Candy Ho, COB)

Remark 121

by in Nature September 24, 2020

“If you really want to preserve habitat, just put strong covenants on all the unsold lots. You don’t need to put in a lot of buildings to achieve that.”

We are trying to preserve habitat, while making the less sensitive lands enjoyable to the public and to more families and people of diverse ages at more attainable cost than currently exists on Bowen. We are also trying to create uses that contribute towards self sustainability and foster community. (Candy Ho, COB)

Remark 26

by in Docks September 24, 2020

“As I understand it, at least three of the docks are owned by Cape on Bowen owners – one of them [Candy’s] father. So what on Earth do you mean when you say that you cannot ask the owners to take them down? If they want to talk about a real change of approach to CRC, then tell them that removing their own docks would be a good start to demonstrating their goodwill.”

We need to focus on the plan itself, what we are coming forward with for the future. I acknowledge the history, but am not powerful enough to force anyone to take away their docks. I am not that influential with my own father, nor with my family. I’m just doing my best to do right by the community with what is remaining of the lands. (Candy Ho, COB)

Remark 12

by in Consultation September 24, 2020

Having small group meetings to discuss the Cape seems like a ‘divide and conquer’ strategy.

“Large meetings are platforms for expression but not interactive discussion. For us to have deep understanding of all the issues at hand, we need to have two-way conversation, rather than presentation, then reaction.” (Candy Ho, COB) [Note: we do plan on a public meeting in the spring of 2021 – in person if Covid protocols allow.]

Remark 203

by in Trust September 24, 2020

None of the owners live on the island, so they are out of touch with islanders.

I am on the island very often and have spoken to many people at length. I am not the owner but they entrust me to take this forward with my understanding and my approach. (Candy Ho, COB)

Remark 84

by in Housing September 24, 2020

“Having elderly people living so distant from shops, services, and medical care seems, no matter how delightful the setting might be, ill-advised. My elderly parents, who are aging in place in their condo on the North Shore, have had numerous visits to various doctors, the ER, and several hospitalizations, all in a few years. How does this work from this remote location on Bowen Island?”

It wouldn’t be distant from all shops and services because we are proposing a small hub at the Cape to provide these. Within our aging in place communities, we provide personal support, and professional nursing care for chronic conditions. In acute situations, indeed the elderly would need to get emergency care at Lions Gate, or some of it may be at the new health care centre on Bowen. Whether there is this aging in place community or not, the elderly are now having to get off the island… either move because they are displaced and forced to go due to their health status, or in emergency, they rely on someone in their social circle to help. But that is a lot less secure than having staff who are responsible for promptly getting the care they need, whatever that takes. (Candy Ho, COB)

Remark 228

by in Trust September 24, 2020

The land at the Cape is overpriced, the owners are in trouble because they can’t sell any.

That is not true. We intentionally saved all this contiguous land because we always wanted to provide a better plan. We did not put estates on market in order to leave potential for this, and I declined many inquiries on estates that were not on market yet… all of them on the southern shore. Also, I have been told many times by our interior owners that we are incredibly well priced and they feel very blessed to have found us. (Candy Ho, COB)

Remark 3

by in Consultation September 24, 2020

“If we can’t have healthy and constructive discourse with more then one narrative then that is a scary thought to me. I care deeply about these decisions because they will have an impact on future generations, and acting like they don’t is extremely short-sighted.”

Remark 196

by in Transport September 24, 2020

“Ultimately, the overarching problem [with the Neighbourhood Plan] was not … the appealing ‘aging in place’ aspect of the vision but in the increased population proposed, which would further strain the limited infrastructural capabilities afforded by Adams/Grafton Road (perhaps particularly considering the eventual build out of Cowan Point).”

Developers should all contribute towards road improvements and maintenance. This is how other municipalities manage. (Candy Ho, COB)

Remark 58

by in Growth September 24, 2020

“There is no impact study here, and it affect everything: water, quality of life, traffic, housing, roads, ferries”

All of it has been studied, except traffic needs further study and planning with local stakeholders and with consultant. Ferry plan of past can be re-studied, but it would not be our singular effort. The community has to stand behind it, and other developers would have to contribute in their DCC’s/CAC’s. I believe this is also required to help realize Wolfgang’s plan for a commuter ferry out of Seymour Landing. (Candy Ho, COB)

Remark 81

by in Housing September 24, 2020

“What would prevent the affordable housing from being overwhelmed by new people to Bowen looking for an affordable house. “you build it…. they will come” ( from all over) and make use of it thus again leaving our local seniors once again in the cold?”
We could market to locals first for a certain timeframe before advertising more broadly. In the process of attaining building permit, Bowen Island Municipality could announce what is in process, and the developer could open up registration list for locals. When permit approved, those on the list could have first chance for a defined period of time. This might be written into policy for approval? I believe this can apply not just to aging in place but to all residential development. (Candy Ho, COB)

Remark 108

by in Nature September 24, 2020

If we already have the Eco Reserve and the Crown Lands including Fairy Fen, why do we need more park?

That is what we saw and heard as one of the highest values on the island. (Candy Ho, COB)

Remark 62

by in Growth September 24, 2020

“The only way to control development is with a firm ‘No’.”
That is not controlling development. That is leaving it to individual subdivision that keeps all of the Cape private. (Candy Ho,COB)

Remark 64

by in Growth September 24, 2020

“We’re an island. Nothing we can do will expand our resources. Why don’t we know exactly what our limits are?”

We know the Cape’s water resources, and that our water usage is not going to interfere with Tunstall. In terms of transportation resources, we are most happy to support building capacity and infrastructure in concert with other developers, both via DCC/CAC and through collaborative time and effort with local organizations such as the Bowen Transportation Society. (Candy Ho, COB)

Remark 57

by in Growth September 24, 2020

[Plan] “nothing that creates a tourist attraction or creates overtaxing/overuse of the existing infrastructure (water usage, traffic on roads, misuse of private property by ‘visitors’).”

Remark 98

by in Housing September 24, 2020

[Multifamily buildings] increase population by drawing it in from the Mainland. They don’t fit the character of the island. They are ugly.

[The project] doesn’t have to draw from the Mainland if Bowen Islanders want to live at the Cape. And by the way we design this, by nature of this being an island, the development would naturally attract those who share island values for the environment, wildlife, quietude, community, healthy active lifestyle. (Candy Ho, COB)