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Remark 122

by in Nature September 23, 2020

[When COB replied that in fact no offer had been to purchase three coastal lots and may not be accepted, a Facebook thread about it garnered 46 ‘likes’, mostly of the sad/angry variety, and 54 comments, mostly negative.]

Remark 126

by in Nature September 23, 2020

[On Feb. 12th, 2020, the Bowen Conservancy announced on Facebook that a private donor would like to donate lots 20-22 as a public park. By the end of the third day afterward, the thread had received 448 likes and 132 mostly positive comments.]

Remark 172

by in Rezoning September 23, 2020

“It sounds like no one was happy with the outcome of the last round. As someone new to the island, I’m excited to dream about how such a large part of the island might be sustainably and carefully developed to make Bowen an even more special and wonderful place to live. I know there are financial and other constraints and factors to be wary of, but I think it would be great if we all came from vision and creativity rather than fear towards the question posed. Thanks for being so honest and vulnerable in the invitation Candy!”

Remark 234

by in Trust September 23, 2020

“But I don’t trust them. Look at what they’re doing with the docks. Total disregard for the intertidal area. Suing us. They can’t say that was just private owners because they all put in one on their own properties as well.”

Remark 7

by in Consultation September 23, 2020

“They’re not collaborative. You don’t just go away and two years later come and say that’s what it is. No surprises.”

“It’s impossible to have an opinion without knowing what’s on the table. How much density? What lands?”

[The draft plan is intended to give people something specific to react to, so it can be improved. (COB)]

Remark 218

by in Trust September 23, 2020

“The leaked prospectus made us very angry. It was bad judgement – somebody screwed up with the release. They can blame people but the wording and the content shocked us – professing a positive relationship with the community that just didn’t exist. Afterwards the COB didn’t acknowledge the issue or apologize. The statement that the community is changing to be more in favour of development is just a bunch of horseshit. The fact that it was released during the election – with negative impact – was even worse.”

Remark 22

by in Docks September 23, 2020

[Note: the docks at Cape Roger Curtis are not within the study area and not subject to a rezoning. They are relevant to the relationships of the owners with community members.(COB)]

Remark 212

by in Trust September 23, 2020

“Another ‘token’ of goodwill could be to repair Whitesails and part of Tunstall Blvd roads that have been used so extensively to develop The Cape and are deteriorating and currently the Muni has no plans to pave… (this would also benefit Cape owners as they drive down it too.)”

Remark 24

by in Docks September 23, 2020

“I apologize on behalf of our group for the hurt that those docks have created, and the trauma of disappointment when the rezoning effort was aborted… I cannot turn that back, nor can I ask owners to tear down the docks. I fully understand why the community isn’t happy about rarely used or unused docks that are an eyesore in the midst of otherwise stunning shorelines.” (Candy Ho, COB)

Remark 213

by in Trust September 23, 2020

“I acknowledge history and I own mistakes on behalf of our shareholders but look at opportunities in the present, to create a better future, to make new history that we can all be proud of. The more people engage and participate, the more the island’s residents can know they had a hand in creating a proud legacy for all.” (Candy Ho, COB)

Remark 30

by in Docks September 23, 2020

“Actions speak louder than words. The docks were – and are – a physical manifestation of bad-faith: they knew they weren’t allowed on the covenant lands (and ditto for the hedges, remember them?)”

Remark 199

by in Trust September 23, 2020

“The bank was not giving us any more time to take another few years after our application was rescinded. Our economist, in tandem with the municipality’s, knew that 224 units was not a viable route with the amenities that the island wanted along with that number of units, based on the scenario our planner had designed for that particular density. It is possible it could have worked with a different plan for that density, but we truly didn’t have any more grace period from the bank. We had to proceed with the zoning that already was in place when we bought the land: large private estates, minimum 4 hectares.” (Candy Ho, COB)

Remark 170

by in Rezoning September 23, 2020

“…the outcome was in some ways the least desirable one, largely because there would undoubtedly be subsequent ‘kicks at the can’ to reopen the zoning. Obviously, a preplanned development is much easier to manage than amendments after the fact.”