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Remark 84

by in Housing September 24, 2020

“Having elderly people living so distant from shops, services, and medical care seems, no matter how delightful the setting might be, ill-advised. My elderly parents, who are aging in place in their condo on the North Shore, have had numerous visits to various doctors, the ER, and several hospitalizations, all in a few years. How does this work from this remote location on Bowen Island?”

It wouldn’t be distant from all shops and services because we are proposing a small hub at the Cape to provide these. Within our aging in place communities, we provide personal support, and professional nursing care for chronic conditions. In acute situations, indeed the elderly would need to get emergency care at Lions Gate, or some of it may be at the new health care centre on Bowen. Whether there is this aging in place community or not, the elderly are now having to get off the island… either move because they are displaced and forced to go due to their health status, or in emergency, they rely on someone in their social circle to help. But that is a lot less secure than having staff who are responsible for promptly getting the care they need, whatever that takes. (Candy Ho, COB)

Remark 67

by in Growth September 23, 2020

The Cape is not much closer to West Side residents than the Cove. It takes the same amount of time to go from the corner of Adams Road and Sunset to the Cape as to Cowen.