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Three coastal lots added to planning area

by in News November 8, 2019

“ It quickly became apparent that this was an area of key importance to the community.”

We are happy to confirm that three additional coastal lots at the Cape will be included in a rezoning proposal coming some time in 2020. When we first started talking about new possibilities for the Cape, four of the remaining lots were still up for sale by the owners. These included three lots, 20, 21 & 22, on the coast. With their waterfront access and southern views, lots 20~22 were the most valuable properties, the most likely to sell and to provide income for the investors. In conversations with the public it quickly became apparent that this was an area of key importance to the community.

Therefore the owners have now decided to  take those lots off the market and include them in any rezoning proposal under consideration. We think it improves the potential benefits for Bowen Island.

Architect Frits de Vries created a conceptual land plan showing one approach to how this area (lots 20~23) might offer public access to the coast, create housing and preserve some forest. We have a page showing his design idea where you can let us know what you think of it. We also invite you to our general survey about what you would like to see – or not see – at the Cape.

We encourage you to come and explore this area now. From the rocky point of Lot 21 you can hold your arms straight out on either side and see an uninterrupted view from fingertip to fingertip, including Vancouver, the inside passage and Vancouver Island. It’s well worth a visit.